Exciting Press began with a simple idea: making it easier for readers to find books and for authors to publish them.

Rather than talking about it in the third person, I’m going to switch to first, because Exciting Press is a deeply personal endeavor for me. I’m Will Entrekin, and I started Exciting Books on paper in 2007, when I first published a collection of short stories, essays, and poetry.

I intended that collection to be more of a calling card than anything. It was full of work I’d brought to workshops while attending the writing program at the University of Southern California, where I was trying to figure out how to both become a better writer and get published. Whether or not either was accomplished is left as an exercise to readers.

By the end of that program, I realized, as an author, that publishing — as a business — didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t want a corporation to own all rights to my work until 70 years after my demise. I didn’t like the idea of an advance against royalties that might never come. I didn’t like the royalties (50% print, 25% digital) offered.

I wanted more. I wanted control. I wanted to be able to choose a cover. As a reader, I don’t like paying more than $7 for an ebook, and so I didn’t want my books to cost more than that.

In 2010, Amazon released the third Kindle, with a keyboard. It was a watershed moment for me. It made tangible and possible an idea I’d told only a few other people about.

That November, I published Meets Girl on Kindle. There’s a print version, but since August of 2010, I’ve read only a few books in print. Digital felt like the right way to focus.

And so I founded Exciting Press, because I knew I couldn’t be the only author who wanted control, and a better agreement. I couldn’t be the only author who wanted to keep my rights.

I couldn’t be the only reader who wanted more and better ebooks at lower prices.

Since founding Exciting Press, I’m proud to say I’ve worked with my favorite authors to publish some terrific stories.

But don’t take my word for it. Click that button up at the top to explore Exciting authors and their works, all of which you can sample for free, and all of which you can buy for less than $7 — all the while knowing, when you do, that those authors receive most of that money.